Viputheshwar Sitaraman

Overcoming your own bias(es)

How to make better UX decisions
The challenge of making UX decisions is to entirely remove your internal bias so your users dictate success. Through a collection of stories of all kinds of bias: towards eye-tracking data, minimalist UI, design principles, etc. – we’ll explore the resulting consequences & how to solve for bias.
One of the greatest challenges as a UX practitioner is objectivity – user feedback is a minefield of cognitive biases: observer-expectancy, social desirability, Hawthorne Effect, etc. This talk, however, is less about your users and more about you. We’ll focus specifically on confirmation bias: how your internal likes & dislikes can affect UX decision-making.

User feedback & testing is just one part of shaping UX design; one must also consider

  • a wealth of analytics data,
  • initiatives from marketing & creative departments,
  • broader global trends in design & industry,
  • and more.

  • This talk will cover how to balance & prioritize these variables, with anecdotes & case studies on the unintended/unexpected effects of focusing too much on one or the other.

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    Viputheshwar Sitaraman

    Sitaraman Enterprises LC

    Digital creative & growth consultant to organizations ranging from high-growth startups to Fortune/Inc. 500 corporations.

    Spoken on topics ranging from science to marketing, at events around the globe. I’ve been invited to present on exclusive stages alongside the likes of prominent names including famous celebrities (eg. Ice Cube, Chris Paul, David Robinson) at Business in the Game Summit (2018) and Nobel Laureates, at 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (2015).

    Some highlights of my professional experience:
  • Youngest American to raise venture capital
  • As seen in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, TNW, NPR, and more.
  • Created web & mobile apps that have reached over 30M users.
  • Developed pitch collateral that closed 8+ figures in deals & investments.
  • Managed over $1 million in digital marketing budget.
  • Designs featured in Newsweek, VICE, DailyMail, and more.
  • Arizona 35 Under 35, Class of 2016

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