Tyler King

Avoiding icebergs

Preventative research
It’s time to start celebrating the research that prevents bad ideas from reaching users. This talk will cover how to prep your research so it’s air tight, how to deliver bad news to your team, and how to deal with the guilt of being the „bad guy.“
We live and design in a culture of make, make, make! It’s the corporate world, so what else would we expect? More products = more money, right? But by exclusively celebrating output (sometimes regardless of the quality or need), we fail to honor a vital function of design research: prevention. Stopping a ship before it hits an iceberg would be applauded, so why are „failed“ projects viewed in a shameful manner? I don’t know about you, but if I saved my company millions of dollars in development, I’d brag about it. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll talk about preventative design and how we might shift our celebrations toward purpose-driven outputs rather than output for the sake of output.

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Tyler King


Tyler is the design lead for IBM Z Resiliency, specializing in design research and strategy for enterprise hardware – specifically mainframes! Most recently, she oversaw the design work for the new z15 Instant Recovery capability and z/OS Interaction Navigator. She’s currently working on several upcoming projects related to mainframe resiliency, for everything from the hardware all the way up to the operating system. In addition to her product work, Tyler is the studio lead for IBM Studios Poughkeepsie, where she focuses primarily on skills growth initiatives.