Sonya Seddarasan

Conversational Design for Commerce

The process, learning & insights on how to build the future of commerce using conversation design
Companies started to realize the value of conversations with consumers. When consumers can easily converse with brands, they are more likely to develop affinity for that brand and to buy from them, thus the term “conversational commerce.” Conversation design thinking is critical to realizing the benefits of conversational commerce. Without it, conversational systems can result in failures that frustrate customers, erode the expected ROI and possibly damage the brand. Unfortunately, conversation design skills are still scarce, and not readily transferable from the more common web and mobile design skills. In this talk we will talk about how to design a conversational Voice Interface from understanding & anticipating customer intent through logics all the way to the process of testing and shipping the product itself.
As the conversation design skills are still scarce, and not readily transferable from the more common web and mobile design skills, I believe that sharing my learnings and failure in building this so more people can innovate more of this conversational design.

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Sonya Seddarasan


I’m a passionate senior product and product design lead with a demonstrated history of working in the different industry, who always aims to inspire and enable people to build products which make a difference.
I’m currently responsible for end to end merchant experience product at Tokopedia – the leading unicorn technology company specializing in e-commerce. I’m skilled in Product Management, Creative Problem Solving, Design Ops, Collaborative Problem Solving, Agile Methodologies, and Public Speaking.
My Gallup Strength : Strategic | Learner | Activator | Input | Communication
I’m also currently building a virtual reality worlds platform –
A space for people to find optimized virtual worlds curated by amazing world builders all around the world.