Martin Florian

Delightful Experience

What it truly means to design for delight
Have you ever wondered why you like using certain products despite the fact they are not particularly pleasing to the eye? Or why are you still coming back to the same brand despite obvious flaws in their products? Our brain processes information in three levels each playing a part in shaping your experience. In my talk, I will shed some light on these levels why you shouldn’t neglect any of them if you want to create truly delightful products.

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Martin Florian

Kentico Xperience

Martin has been working at Kentico since 2014. He leads the UX team of Kentico Xperience and creates the UX designs for their product. He’s responsible for the UX vision of their digital experience platform and helps to fulfill the company goals via creating better user experience. The Kentico Xperience DXP should enable the users to cover all their needs. That’s why him and his team talk to their customer-facing roles and directly to the customers to learn more about the way they use the platform. Creating the whole design system and implementing it into such a robust product is the most challenging task they have.