Lance Shields

How to Design better Design Tools

Speaker Lance Shields will share about his Adobe team’s experience creating Modular, a suite of Adobe XD plugins to streamline UX designers’ work.
Modular plugins help connect the dots from collaborative whiteboarding to rapid screen design to final presentation. The plugins allow seamless designer workflow within a single app—Adobe XD. The talk will cover the process of creating three popular XD extensions Quick Mockup, Whiteboard, and Presentation as an integrated suite of UX tools that fill unmet needs in existing design tools. These include remote whiteboarding, quick screen design, and design presentations.
Quick Mockup
Quick Mockup is free and feature-packed; it provides you with everything you need to build layouts by using a library of predesigned UI elements and templates for web and mobile. Elements come with different styles, states, and sizes and are easily controlled in the plugin. Of course, both elements and templates are customizable directly in Adobe XD, too.

The inspiration to build this tool came from years of experience as designers spending countless hours building decks to explain design decisions. Presentation is a powerful new plugin for Adobe XD that makes presenting design work easy and beautiful, all within a design tool. The tool allows you to pick from professionally designed themes, slides and elements right within your design tool.

With Whiteboard, teams can work together remotely with the help of popular design thinking and agile frameworks as well as freeform drawing, while taking advantage of XD’s real-time coediting. Whiteboard provides design tools like empathy maps, customer journey, and flowcharts as well as team management tools like daily stand-ups and road maps.

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Lance Shields


Lance has a 20-year career as a design director, creative director, and hands-on UX designer for four digital agencies and two multinational companies. He is currently Director of International Design at Adobe and leads international-first incubation of new products to grow the Adobe business globally. Before that, he was co-founder and VP of design at experience design agency iiD, where he led a cross-functional team that shaped innovative products for Fitbit, Zipcar, Visa, ADP, and Futures Without Violence. He leverages his MBA combined with deep design experience to drive digital transformation. Lance has over 15 years’ experience leading UX design in Japan, where he built a career as an international design leader. He has also worked for MRM/McCann, Amway, Scient, and Lance’s work has won numerous awards including the Webby Awards, W3 Awards, Davey’s Awards, and Japan’s coveted Good Design Award. In his free time, he’s an avid surfer and enjoys exploring the west coast U.S. in his Sprinter van.