Johannes Dornisch

Creating a Design System that helps everyone to cook with ease

Builiding and maintaining a Design System for the world leading kitchen appliance
This talk is all about how to create and maintain a design system which needs to connect a physical product – Thermomix – and its digital ecosystem. The talk covers topics like how to create streamlined processes for such complex systems and how to establish a stable communication between multi-location design and development teams.
This talk is all about how to create and maintain a design system which needs to connect physical and digital products. For the Thermomix TM6 and cookidoo we had the challenge to align and connect the Thermomix (the worlds best selling and award winning kitchen appliance) and the recipe plattform Cookidoo. Within a short amount of time, with multiple feature streams and with over 100 designers/developers on multiple international locations in Poland and Germany. In that talk i give a glimpse about what we did, what we’ve learned and how we made that ecosystem/product successful – in terms of business revenue, positive user feedback and by becoming awarded with a Red Dot and UX Design award. To be more concrete: We had to manage complexity, communicate on multiple locations with different suppliers and cultural backgrounds, establish processes and needed to establish the use of our Design System.

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Johannes Dornisch

intive GmbH

I’m Johannes, a product and service designer, working at the intersection of people, technology and business. As a professional I designed solutions for several large companies like Adidas, BASF and Vorwerk. I was honored to lead the design team at intive to create this award-winning Design System together with Vorwerk.