Claire Thornewill

UX is a Process

UX is the result of the effort of the entire team building a product.
UX is the result of the effort of the entire team building a product. It is not just the result of a UX/UI Designer. I have seen teams fail at UX, even with a UX designer onboard. This is because the only person in the team who believed in the UX process was the UX designer themselves. To build great products everyone involved has to be a UX designer at heart and it all begins with education and understanding expectations.
1. Understanding the expectations of your team. Make sure everyone is on the same page. It may well be that not everyone has the same understanding of UX and so you will need to make sure that you support your team to fill in the gaps

2. Make sure that your team is living and breathing UX. Every team member is valuable – this is easy for the UX designers, but I believe that this is also important for developers and product owners to do as well and it should be encouraged from all team members to bring their input and critical thinking, particularly when it comes to performance and accessibility.

3. Fight for your user. Apply the UX process – do the research, apply your findings in your designs and build. It doesn’t matter what phase you are in, everyone should be fighting for their users right to a seamless experience, from Project Manager to QAs.

4. You are one UX team. Believe in UX as a process and live it as one team. UX is everybody’s responsibility.

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Claire Thornewill

Netcentric GmbH

I am a product owner and a UX advocate. In the effort to bring my Bachelors of Art & Design and Masters in Management together in one job, the world of UX opened itself up to me. In moving around jobs and companies I have come to learn that to be a UX expert you don’t need to have the word „UX“ in your Job Title. The world keeps telling me otherwise, which is why I would like to set the record straight and tell my story, that even though I am a Product Owner by name, I am also a UX designer by process. I apply the UX process to everything I do and build.