Dr. Alexander Wiethoff

Visualisation of UX Data

A tool for the playful approach to UX Data

In this talk we present InteracDiff, a visualisation tool that helps addressing the challenge of interpreting and understanding UX data after testing and evaluation sessions.

To steadily improve experiences, UX research, testing and design iterations are mandatory. These tests can, for example, include questionnaires which provide data to measure the product’s hedonic and pragmatic qualities. Mostly, the gathered data is presented here in a scientific format (mean value diagrams) which makes it difficult for people outside the scientific community (e.g. product managers, marketing managers, CEOs) to understand benefits, limitations and challenges for further improvement of a digital service or product. Based on our long time professional experiences gained in the industry our tool InteracDiff has the potential to improve current commercial UX practice when presenting data to clients. In this talk we present our interactive tool along with study results that indicate the need for more playful and engaging ways to digest collected UX data. Participants of the UX Day can befit form the talk and get inspirations on how to deal with similar domain specific challenges in their work and see how our tool was developed and implemented.


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Dr. Alexander Wiethoff


Alexander Wiethoff is both Director User Experience (UX) Design at UX Gruppe in Gilching close to Munich and also senior lecturer and UX researcher at LMU University of Munich. He has more than 14 years‘ professional consulting experience in UX development and delivery. For international clients he hosts and organizes future vision, UX prototyping, design thinking and service design workshops. In the academic domain Alexander is a published researcher with over 50 peer-reviewed publications and skilled presenter at top-ranked conference series. He has a background in art and design and received a doctoral degree with emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Munich. Alexander lived abroad in Linz (A), Milan (I) and Copenhagen (DK), developing a keen sensitivity to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. He is fluent in English, German and Italian.