Ben Davison

UX Metrics

Measuring the User Experience

As we move from technology to user centered product development, the question arises how to define and measure smart user centric metrics that provide signals about users experience. This talk presents the HEART framework, a publicly available Google tool to help you think through, plan and implement user centric metrics for your products


Ben Davison

Google Cloud
Data today is both a desert and a jungle: despite the capability to generate thousands of metrics we often can’t find the user story. Ben strives for communicating the truth in user behavior by triangulating with multiple data types and iteratively prioritizing the user signal. His data collection methods include a mix of logs, surveys, crowdsourcing, and interviews. As a Quantitative User Experience Researcher in Google, Ben has driven insights about the Google logo change, Knowledge Panels, and Wear OS Tiles. He is passionate about people understanding data and contributed to the Massachusetts Computer Science standards and the ODI Data Practitioner Profile.

Weitere Vorträge auf der UX-DAY Konferenz 2019