Robert Stulle

The 10-foot Experience

Conquer the living room

It’s 2016, and the TV in our living room offers a world of possibilities that we’ve only just reluctantly started to explore. Everything we know about video content has been turned upside down and back again several times in the past two decades. Our opinions on cinema vs. TV, news vs. entertainment, and advertisments vs. journalism are constantly changing.

At Edenspiekermann we create content driven experiences for brands like Red Bull, Die Zeit and The Economist. This talk is about creating great 10-foot experiences for the user on the couch, navigating content and using services with their TV remote, their voice or just by smiling at it.

Edenspiekermann builds brands, services, and digital products. We are more than 100 thinkers and makers from 20 nations who design, develop, research, write, create, and facilitate. We’re a global company with offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, Singapore, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


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Robert Stulle

Edenspiekermann AG

Robert has two decades of experience as a designer and consultant. After completing his studies in Switzerland and the Netherlands, he went on to work for some of the biggest German and Dutch agencies. He also spent five years as a business consultant for PWC and IBM in the Netherlands. Robert returned to the field of design and communications in 2006 and has been a managing partner at Edenspiekermann in Berlin since 2009. As Head of Digital Products and Services, he manages projects for clients such as Red Bull and Wirecard.