Gregor Finger

Prototyping Spatial User Experiences

Holistically prototyping & testing future user experiences in VR

The presentation will explore the usefulness and benefits of using immersive technologies as a user-tesing method in service design-related projects. It will present a concrete use-case that highlights the different phases of prototyping that were used (physical – wood & paper, and VR), and describe our experience with the elevated use of technology. It will also post a theory on how to properly prepare the users for an immersive experience in order to foster results closest to reality. Further, we’d like to project on additional benefits that can be derived from even more immersive experiences. The less you need to draw abstract conclusions, the closer you are to what the truth will be in the reality. These more valid test results leave less room for interpretation.


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Gregor Finger


As expert in immersive technologies, Gregor is dedicated to working with virtual and augmented reality applications. Using his background in interaction design, he focuses on developing interdisciplinary and adequate application areas for these technologies. As a creative technologist at IXDS, he is involved in the conception of various prototypes at an early stage and entrusted with their development.