Javier Bargas-Avila

Me no speak English

Making sure your translated interfaces rock!

Is your product available in many languages? Did you hear anecdotes about poor translation quality but felt helpless about how to approach this? This talk will give you insights to the challenges YouTube was facing when scaling the product to more than 70 languages, to serve their international audience. It will introduce user metrics that help measure and understand the quality of language translation used in products. It will highlight the internationalization challenges we faced at YouTube, and how we came up with a new approach to solve them.


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Javier Bargas-Avila


Javier Bargas-Avila holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology. He leads the UX research teams at Google working on large advertiser products, located in Zurich, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. Before joining Google, he was the manager of the HCI lab at the University of Basel (Switzerland). He published over 30 peer reviewed papers in HCI journals and conferences, covering topics such as user satisfaction, mental models in website perception, website aesthetics, webform usability and internationalization of products.