Matthäus Niedoba

Managing complexity

Complexity is needed. It is engaging and challenging, where simplicity is boring.

This article shows how to embrace complexity in product design.

Today’s world is complex. Today’s software products are complex as well. We constantly work with software that is complex and produce complex work. We can not simplify it, but we can make complex software products easier to learn and to manage. 
This talk is about how to tackle complex product design with focus on complex software. I will talk about the differences between making unnecessary complicated things simple and how to tame unavoidable complexity. As designers, we are often challenged to simplify things but often complexity is desirable, challenging and interesting. 
This talk is especially targeted to product designers but also interesting for every user of complex software.


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Matthäus Niedoba


I am A digital product designer challenged to make complex enterprise software accessible. Creating the right information architecture and managing complexity are the foundation for enterprise software to create a meaningful user experience that matches business goals. Currently, with the amazing team at Bryter, I am building no-code building platforms to automate expert knowledge. In my previous working life, I spend 3 years at Maxon (the makers of the 3D application Cinema 4D) as a product designer. It was a great challenge to work on a lovely product which is famous for its ease of use in the complex area of 3D animation. I had the opportunity to solve complex problems and working with talented artists from the media and games industry. That’s what brought up my passion for complex software design. I love the challenge what enterprise software has by nature. Balancing between stakeholders, users, developers and managers and creating an awesome product for artists. It was amazing to see how people used it and what artworks they created. I am facing these challenges again in a completely different market. Lawyers have to solve complex problems and have no time for learning new software. That’s why we work hard at Bryter to make an easy to learn no-code editor, so lawyers can help more clients. I love to deal with complexity. It is challenging but rewarding, once you master it.