Jan Schmiedgen & Ingo Rauth

Making Design Thinking Work

How IBM built its innovation capacity through design

In this talk by innovation researchers Dr. Ingo Rauth and Jan Schmiedgen you will get an insight into how large organizations go about adapting design thinking as well as lean principles. Their keynote will X-ray the building blocks and strategies used in IBM’s ‘change-by-design initiative‘ that could potentially be used by firms interested in developing their innovation capacity through design too. A recent Forrester study revealed that, building on design thinking principles, the company doubled its time-to-market speed and contributed to a 301% ROI of its ‘change by design‘ initiative. While IBM Design might be considered a poster child in flux, the building blocks and strategies presented build on a set of 12 organizations, who recently changed in similar ways.


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Jan Schmiedgen & Ingo Rauth

Ingo Rauth and Jan Schmiedgen are both designers by training and researchers by heart. The two have over 15 years of experience in design-driven change and strategy development. Ingo currently researches and teaches at academic institutions like Rotman University, IE Madrid, and Chalmers. In addition he keeps in touch with practice as an innovation leadership coach and founding member of the DTX Jan supports organizations in their ‘change by design’ journeys as a consultant and helps them scaling their agile approaches for the fuzzy frontend (Design Thinking, Lean Startup). Additionally he spends some of his time as a research fellow in the HPDTRP at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Potsdam where he also co-curates the website ThisIsDesignThinking.net. Ingo and Jan are both co-founders of the innovation expert network ‚co:dify Group‘.