Leonie, Karen, Vera, Alessandro

Make Space for Innovation

How to build your own creative workspace using MOSAIC

The way we work is changing, so must the spaces we work in. This hands-on, collaborative workshop enables participants to design their own creative workspaces. Using a toolkit called MOSAIC, thoughts are made tangible, spatial layout ideas are visualized and stimulating discussions about team requirements and design features are given room to. The end result is a map of the team’s future creative space showing the distribution of the different activities and areas.

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Leonie, Karen, Vera, Alessandro


Leonie, Karen and Alessandro are Strategic Design Consultants at the SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center. Vera is part of the UX@IT team. Together, we lead strategic design and co-innovation projects with customers from various industries. Most of our work happens where user experience meets change management, where design thinking and doing overlaps with technology. They have a strong background in visual, interaction and service design, user research, strategic design thinking as well as facilitation and teaching. In their projects related to innovation culture, space plays an important role. In creating and designing our own team space, the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg, they bring creative space to the collaboration with their customers. Building upon a history of creative environments, the AppHaus is SAP’s “customer facing” co-innovation space in which customers, SAP, and end-users collaboratively work on projects.