Sandra Nieves

Data that tells stories

Visualizing data transforms numbers into images and helps us to extract otherwise hidden meaning.

Today, data is ubiquitous. We collect data everywhere, because we can. But, how can we avoid being overwhelmed by data? And how do we know whether or not we can trust it? How can we actually create the value with data, that everybody is talking about?
During the fire of Pedrógão Grande in Portugal last year, 65 people were killed. Most of them when trying to escape on the national road. Their gut feeling was wrong and they apparently had no good information to base better decisions on. We will look at forest fire data, and how it can be used to create value for people living in remote areas that are prone to wildfires.


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Sandra Nieves


In 2005, I was part of the team that introduced design thinking to SAP. For 5 years, I lead the user experience design team and worked side by side with great data scientists at Blue Yonder, a Karlsruhe based AI company. I love technology, if it is designed well. I love data, if it is transformed, so that people can draw the right conclusions. As an independent design consultant, I liaise with data scientists and developers, to create data experiences for people. I strongly believe that the combination of design and data science can provide answers to today’s complex problems.