Data Futures
Showcasing the potentials of personal data to create engaging interactions in live experiences with the audienceDaniel Goddemeyer,
Dr. Dominikus Baur

Data Futures showcases the unique potential of personal data to create new, live interactions.
In a unique, award winning experience (TEDx, FITC, Kantar Information is beautiful Award) it will engage the participants in new kind of interactions that are driven by their own, personal data.
Through these practical methods It will propose new approaches how to transform personal data into unique, participatory and most of all, live experiences.

Daniel Goddemeyer | Dr. Dominikus Baur


Daniel Goddemeyer is a researcher & designer who creates award-winning interactions with technology (specifically data) through products, services and interactive experiences. He is currently the principal of the New York City based research and design studio Offc, that works with global brands, research institutions and start-ups to explore new product applications for their emerging technologies. With his own research and his MFA class at the School of Visual Arts he explores how the hidden, ethical implications of these technologies will impact our future everyday lives. For his work he has received several distinctions from the Red Dot award, Fast Company’s ‘World Changing Ideas’ award, the German Design Price and the Industrial Designer Society of America.
Dr. Dominikus Baur works as a freelance data visualization developer. His award-winning projects for clients like Google, the OECD or Microsoft Research make large datasets accessible, understandable, and usable. His work covers the whole spectrum from mobile apps, to websites, to large, touch-controlled installations – always focused on the people using them. As a computer scientist, he sees his work in the larger context of technological and societal developments and doesn’t shy away from asking critical questions.

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