Alper Çugun

Conversational Interfaces

What chat has to say about the future of interfaces and design

Conversational interfaces are a revolutionary new paradigm for developing and delivering experiences to end users. Making a chat interface upends what we traditionally understand to be design and asks for new tools, new approaches and even new organizational forms. Conversational applications are not the only transformational new technology coming at us but dealing with all of them will require us to sharpen our skills and rethink our roles.


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Alper Çugun

MSc, Delft University of Technology

Alper Cugun (MSc, Delft University of Technology) is a software engineer, design strategist and author. Alper was active in the Amsterdam startup scene, founded a data visualization agency and was on the board of the Open State Foundation, a Dutch open government institution. Between 2010 and 2015 he was lead technologist and partner at Hubbub, a Dutch/German design studio for games and play. Alper Cugun has created multiple chat based applications during his tenure at design studio Hubbub. The multi-disciplinary approach and rigorous testing at this practice has yielded insights both about the field at large and about the details of implementation. Most recently he authored the book “Designing Conversational Interfaces”.