Jan Korsanke

Can AI be creative and what does it mean for UX Design?

Is AI set to become a true creative partner, a creativity killer, or will it replace designers all together!?

With Machine Learning already being used as the creative force behind photo curation, website creation and even to make Hollywood movie trailers, it’s worth spending a closer look on its capabilities, limitations and future usage in terms of design.

Together we will explore the current state of pioneering AI technology, the effect it will have on the design process and how it might shape the future jobs of designers. The talk also covers questions like, what can UX designers do to be prepared for the future collaborating with algorithms and where are we still definitely needed when it comes to collaboration with algorithms.


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Jan Korsanke


Jan is a Senior Designer at Futurice in Munich. His passions lie in turning human needs into concepts and exploring what design and technology can do for humanity. He’s working in the field of UX for Machine Learning/Artificial intelligence and is super curious where the future might lead there. He also recently collaborated with organizations such as Allianz, BMW, FriendScout24, Telefónica and W. L. Gore & Associates to name a few. More or less frequently, he gives talks on different UX and design topics such as creativity, processes, and tools.