Jan Korsanke

Are we human, or are we data - when creating great Urban Mobility?

Thinking about the Future of hassle-free urban mobility, we also think about data and privacy. But what does it mean for us as humans and UX Design?
Thinking about the Future of Urban Mobility, we dream about seamless and enjoyable trips from A to B. Delays are as passé as crowded metros.
To fulfill this dream, we need data. A lot of it. Will we know or care who is storing our data, or happily change our privacy for the benefits? Is there a way to travel hassle-free without sharing data, or are we second class citizens when opting out? Who is taking care of the privacy of users and how will this be reflected in the overall User Experience? Join Jan for an exciting journey through scenarios of human centered mobility and learn how UX Design and tech will need to collaborate to create a truly lovable and fair urban mobility ecosystem.


Jan Korsanke

Futurice GmbH

Jan Korsanke is Design Director at Futurice in Munich and loves to explore what design and technology can do for humanity. Artificial intelligence, Algorithms and Ethics are a big part of that exploration and have been fascinating him since a couple of years. Especially the fact that we have to judge the value of our work based on impact and possible harm to society, rather than any aesthetic considerations, is driving him. Jan being an UX Day alumni already :)