What’s in it for me, Adobe XD?

10.10.2018 • MAFINEX Technologiezentrum • Mannheim

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What’s in it for me, Adobe XD?

2018 looks like a showdown year for design and prototyping systems and presumably sometime soon there will be a handful remaining go-to solutions for digital design professionals amidst the vast array of offerings on the market today (last time we stopped counting there were round about 60…) In this deep dive, we encourage you to take the time and XD for a thorough spin, discuss with the extended XD team and learn about its powerful capabilities, that are continuously expanding literally every month, based on the direct input and requests from our users – you! 

Chances are, that if you have checked out Adobe XD some time ago, there are many new features that will help you to rapidly design, prototype, and share interactive experiences at the speed of thought. If you are completely new to XD this hands-on lab lets you immerse in a new tool and learn powerful tips and tricks to remove friction from your digital design process. Matthias Ott will provide unique insights into the roadmap and the user centric design process at Adobe and explain how the XD team manages to deliver quality releases across five platforms on a monthly release cadence. Ask any question, and discuss best practices in product design and development with Matthias, who is a member of the XDI Team.


After an introductory discussion including proper expectation management, we’re going to dive into bringing a simple user flow to life. Attendees will create an interactive prototype from scratch, that is shared for feedback and delivered to production. Attendees are to touch every feature of the software and will leave the workshop ready for production work using Adobe XD. Throughout the workshop, attendees will discuss common (and maybe even completely new) additional ideas and feature requests with the extended XD team and the group, and gain a good understanding on how XD can help solving day to day challenges now and in the future.

The Speaker

Matthias Ott

Matthias is an independent UX designer and UI engineer based near Stuttgart, Germany. He teaches Interface Prototyping at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design Kiel, curates the monthly newsletter, and frequently writes about the intersection of design, development, prototyping, and the (Indie)Web.

Find Matthias here: LinkedIn , Twitter , Homepage

Target Audience

This workshop is for designers working on all kinds of products that (also) live on a screen, and for people of various related job roles e.g. product owners or developers, that want to prototype and communicate ideas quickly on all levels of fidelity. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users of XD. Attendees are required to bring their own macOS or Windows 10 computer and an iOS orAndroid device. Detailed instructions will be sent to attendees in good time before the workshop.




Workshop 14:00 bis 18:00 Uhr


Der Workshop kostet 30€ inklusive Snacks und Getränke


Mindestens 25,
maximal 50 Teilnehmer