Jean-Philippe Defiebre

A View in the Kitchen

Cooking UX in a mature and successful company

As a startup you have the freedom of choice: Select your technical stack, use the latest tools, work & develop as agile as you want etc. But (usually) you don’t have the money.

In a successful company you have plenty of money but on the downside you have your very own IT past, monolithic legacy systems, weird processes, time consuming politics, everywhere stakeholders and those bottleneck departments with a 9-to-5-mentality always starting a discussion with “No, because” and thereby ending it.

So, how to move a tanker full of ballast?


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Jean-Philippe Defiebre

Sixt GmbH & Co. Autovermietung KG

After his Master’s degree and some stopovers in Monnemer agencies, Jean-Philippe (aka “JP”) started working at 1&1 in 2010, most recently as Head of UX. In April 2015 he moved to Munich and started working at Sixt where he is now heading the Online Product Management – responsible for improving the online sales channels with a focus on digital strategy (multi-channel & multi-device), CR optimization and UX. The talk is about the 1st project realized in 2015. Setting up a strong team, bringing in new technologies and perspectives and thereby challenging the legacy systems and prevailing mindsets.